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I had a digital recording made of our 2015 concert at Pinafore Park. The microphone was situated a fair bit behind the audience, well back of the concrete. I find it impressive that the sound carried so well and was picked up by the recorder at such a distance. The recording as a whole is rather noisy, with a lot of ambient sound and a fair bit of wind; a couple of tracks are unrecoverable because of the noise of the wind. For this reason, Grieg's Hjertesår and the Superman March will not be available.

You can listen to the files in place on the website by clicking on the links below, or you can download the mp3 files by right-clicking (or CTRL-clicking for Macs) and choosing "Save as..." I probably won't host these files forever—they take up several megabytes and server space isn't free—but I will keep them up for a while. I suggest you download anything you'd like to keep.

Audio files (mp3)

Hogan's Heroes March
Our opener. This version of the file should have correct metadata, properly identifying it as Track 01.
When the Saints Go Marching In
I was actually able to get rid of the worst of the clipping from the wind, so it doesn't sound too bad. There is a lot of birdsong in the background.
Raiders March
Our arrangement called this the Indiana Jones March but I think that Raiders March is a more correct title—at least, that is how it is identified on the Raiders of the Lost Ark sound track album.
Ville du Havre
McDonough's setting of the hymn When Peace Like a River, now apparently scored for trombone choir and obbligato dog. I'm not quite sure what happened to the intonation here...
Sibelius's famous tone poem, Finlandia. There's a bit of wind damage but otherwise this track came out reasonably well. Unless I'm imagining it, you can hear somebody in the audience saying, "Wonderful!" at the very end.
This track is very quiet; you'll either want to turn your computer speakers up or wear decent headphones. I got as aggressive as I dared with toning down the wind damage and faced a choice between keeping the whole thing quiet or making it louder and introducing a lot of clipping which is kind of an unpleasant effect. Probably a professional could find a better solution but we go with what we've got. I think overall we sound not too bad here.
Low Blow
This chart's kinda become our signature. There are some very nice moments in here but the wind is definitely picking up again. Perhaps there's a storm coming.