This is mostly just a placeholder page for the moment. I have a bunch of works-in-progress related to the Commodore 64 and I will be storing them under this tab. Someday.

I am the same Myles Skinner that is mentioned in a couple of places in the comp.sys.cbm FAQ. I used to answer questions about GEOS, and I maintained the North American BBS directory in the mid-nineties.

Also, while it's not a Commodore project, I invite you to check out my 6502 virtual machine simulator 650vue. It doesn't replicate any real-world Commodore device but the design drew some inspiration from the KIM-1 and the early PETs.


Commodore (CBM) 8-Bit Magazine Index
The Commodore 8-Bit Magazine Index is a catalogue of articles published in Commodore-centric magazines, running the gamut from Compute!'s Gazette to Commodore World. The index is hosted elsewhere; this site hosts a landing page that acts as a permalink.
Printable Gazette Disk PDFs
I prepared new PDF versions of all 14 issues of the Gazette Disk. I may have gone a little overboard with this project, but the results are fun.
Unpublished Issues of dieHard
23 issues of dieHard made it to subscribers. A 24th issue was sent to the printers but was not released; an additional issue made it into the early stages of typesetting. Brain L. Crosthwaite, the former editor-in-chief, has provided PDFs of these two previously unseen issues.
Complete Guide to CURSOR
CURSOR published and distributed over 150 programs for the PET/CBM. I look at all of them.
Articles by Author
Bibliographic listings of articles written by notable Commodore contributors.
Coming Soon
We'll get there eventually.