I'm not actually teaching Music 116 (Theory of Music for Non-Majors) at the University at Buffalo this semester, but I see from my site statistics that UB students are finding this page through search engines. So, for those poor, lost souls, I'll leave my archived assignments up for download. If you are a student taking MUS 116 from another instructor, you could use these as practice assignments; the material (scales, intervals, rhythm) should be the same no matter who teaches it.

Table of Contents

Assignment #1
Writing major scales.
Assignment #2
Writing major key signatures and identifying diatonic scale degrees.
Assignment #3
Interval identification and more work with diatonic scale degrees.
Extra Credit #1
A challenging assignment on identifying chromatic scale degrees.
Assignment #4 | Answer Key
Writing and inverting intervals.
Assignment #5
Writing harmonic and melodic minor scales, using key signatures and accidentals where required.
Assignment #6
Rhythm assignment. Beams and barlines in simple meters.
Assignment #7, Page 1 of 2
Writing triads, given the root.
Assignment #7, Page 2 of 2
Writing triads, given the third or fifth. This one is really challenging; possibly too much so for non-majors, although it is excellent practice for music majors, especially when worked out at a piano keyboard. This became an extra credit assignment, and I created a gentler page 2 to introduce non-majors to inversions of triads.