Music 500 (Introduction to Graduate Theory) was a "catch up" course to help incoming graduate students fill in the gaps by leading them through a whirlwind tour of core undergraduate theory (harmony, counterpoint, and form) in a very intense single semester.

I'm not teaching the course right now, and I was planning on taking this archive down (it is incomplete, after all), but somebody has been downloading these PDFs (and not a robot or a spider), so if they're helpful to even one person, I suppose I can leave the downloads up.

The last note I had left for actual, live Music 500 students (so many years ago) was this:

I would like to know what you have chosen as soon as possible, please. If for some reason you have a conflict with the May 02 class (our final meeting), then you will have to present your findings on April 25, which is coming up awfully quickly. The requirements for this project are available as Assignment #9. If you missed the April 18 class, don't miss Assignment #8.

Next Week: (as in April 25) Make sure you know how to spell your augmented sixth chords and that you can do this task quickly (hint, hint).

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Music 500 Assignments
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