Covenant MUD

Covenant MUD: News and Developer's Notes

Twenty years later, we are in a new home! Although previously we had adapted SMAUG 1.4 to our purposes, we are now working with SmaugFUSS 1.9, which means a long, slow process of re-implementing all our cool stuff. Long-time SMAUG players will notice that we are changing the "look" to a much cleaner, more professional display. Our current project involves porting the old MUD to the new codebase, after which we can go back to reworking the whole character generation process and implementing spells and skills for the new classes.

The capital city of the Covenant is the city of Tierceron. The largest city in the known world, Tierceron has been the focus of the development team. The city will soon be open for visitors, and although there is still much that is incomplete, it will be possible to explore here.

Please visit us as often as you like. Send us your thoughts and recommendations on the city, and most of all, enjoy your stay!